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100 years ago: Baseball manager suffers injuries after falling downstairs

August 27, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 27, 1912:

  • "Lawrence autoists are planning to attend the first annual convention of the Kansas State Automobile Association in Topeka, September 12.... It is expected that about thirty Lawrence cars will make the trip, spend the day in Topeka and take part in the monster auto parade. With thirty cars in the line Lawrence should be well represented on this occasion."
  • "The fire department was called last night to put out an automobile that had misbehaved itself in North Lawrence. The Fein truck was standing in the street near 334 Elm street and leaked considerable oil and gasoline onto the ground beneath the car. In some manner this took fire and the flames spread to the car and threatened to destroy it. The fire was out after but very little damage had been done."
  • "Elmer Newby, manager of the Lawrence baseball team and well known in baseball circles, came near being killed last night when he fell down the stairs leading to the headquarters of the team over the Lawrence Steam Laundry. Newby was going to attend the game scheduled for the Twilight league and had just put on his baseball suit and shoes. In going down the stairs the cleats in his shoes caught on a step and sent him headlong. Both bones in the left arm were broken and his head was badly bruised, but in a semi-conscious condition he went up the stairs and changed back to his street clothes. Becoming weak he lay down upon a cot and became unconscious. He was found later by his brother and did not regain consciousness until midnight."
  • "Whether negro lawyers shall be admitted as members is one of the subjects before the American Bar Association, which opened its thirty-fifth annual meeting in Milwaukee this morning. The question arose [...] that 'Although it had been a settled practice to elect only white men as members,' three negroes, including Wm. H. Lewis, assistant to the United States Attorney General, had been seated by the committee in ignorance of his race. The committee therefore rescinded its action and allowing the men to remain qualified as nominees for membership asked the entire membership to vote on the question. Attorney General Wickersham announced that he would make a strenuous fight against the attempt to unseat Lewis."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 6 months ago

Miss Sarha, keep digging up these funny old news articles, wording descriptions are out of sight

Sarah St. John 5 years, 6 months ago

I will, but only if you promise NOT to wear cleats when you walk down the stairs, EVER! /stern look

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