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Tim Biere among Chiefs’ cuts

August 26, 2012


— The Kansas City Chiefs have released 14 players ahead of the NFL’s deadline to reach the 75-man roster limit, including former Kansas University tight end Tim Biere.

Other players released by the Chiefs were fullback Shane Bannon; defensive backs Dominique Ellis and Jean Fanor; linebackers Caleb Campbell and Dexter Heyman; offensive linemen Justin Cheadle and Cam Holland; defensive end Ethan Johnson; kicker Matt Szymanski; and wide receivers Jeremy Horne, Brandon Kinnie, Zeke Markshausen and Aaron Weaver.


CardHawkFan 5 years, 8 months ago

That's a bummer. I keep checking in on former 'Hawks. At first, I did see one of most recent favorite Jayhawks on the Denver Broncos roster, but low and behold, here he is in the picture. Former walk-on Steven Johnson (41) making a tackle in the game

Actually Johnson led the team in tackles yesterday with 7. Chris Harris had one too and Dez Briscoe led the Redskins in receiving on Saturday. I know it is just preseason, but still nice to see these boys getting a chance to play on Sundays.

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