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25 years ago: Vinland Fair makes triumphant return

August 24, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 24, 1987:

The Vinland Fair, which was celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, opened this week with a horseshoe pitching contest, a pet parade, and "a seemingly endless supply of pies and fried chicken." The annual fair had shown signs of dying off a few years previously, but it was back and going strong, according to attendees.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole this week announced a plan to make air travel safer. The Federal Aviation Administration was planning to increase the number of airports protected by restricted airspace. Also proposed was the installation in commercial aircraft of a traffic alert and collision avoidance system. There were 2,600 fewer air traffic controllers in 1987 than there had been in 1981, but the number of flights had increased dramatically. Dole denied that the new rules were a result of an Aug. 16 plane crash in Detroit, saying that the plans had been in the works for several years.


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