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100 years ago: Telegraph, trucks, motorcycles found to have military uses

August 24, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 24, 1912:

  • "The Wireless Telegraph is playing a great part in this Kansas war game as are also other modern inventions, the motor truck and the motorcycle. These three are new instruments of warfare but they are certainly making good. That they will come to be a part of the equipment of all armies in the future is practically a certainty. Especially this is so of the wireless. By the time camp is formed the signal corps has its pole up in the air and the operators are picking up messages that are flashing through the air and they in turn are sending them out.... The big motor trucks seem certain to supplant the army mule at some date in the future. They can be driven wherever a wagon will go and they will carry loads that it would require six and eight horses to handle. They have the government animals beat on speed.... The motorcycle is also being given a chance. Four of the pop-pops are in the camp and they are being used to great advantage by messengers. However, it s doubtful if they can be sent to the front because of their noise. But for messenger service they have a decided advantage over horses."
  • "The police department made another raid last night and this time made the prize catch of the season. That is, as far as numbers goes. Last night the officers found fifty cold bottles of beer in the room of one Green at the Commercial hotel. The police confiscated the wet goods and took Mr. Green along with them to answer a charge of violating the prohibitory law."


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