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Heard on the Hill: Naismith rules donor talks about upcoming film; ACT scores show more students aren’t ready for college; SUA carnival set for Saturday

August 23, 2012


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• So you may have seen the news about the upcoming KU student center that will house James Naismith’s rules of basketball.

I had a chance on Wednesday to chat with David Booth, the investor who bought the rules at auction. He told me he was very excited about the proposal, and thought the center will be an excellent permanent home for the rules.

We also talked about the upcoming documentary on the rules that would be airing on ESPN.

Josh Swade, the director of the film, was also instrumental in getting Booth to purchase the rules, Booth told me. Swade was approaching several KU donors trying to see if any were interested in purchasing the rules and sending them to KU.

Booth also had a pretty funny crack about how he had no idea the documentary would end up on ESPN when Swade filmed Booth’s interviews.

“If I’d have known that, I would have brushed my teeth or something,” he told me.

• Lawrence students, you may have read, are happily above average when it comes to scores on the ACT college readiness exam (at least compared with the statewide and national scores).

But according to a release I got from the national ACT folks, at least 60 percent of the people who took the test nationally are “at risk” for failure in college.

More than 28 percent of students who took the test did not meet any of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in English, math, reading and science. The test-makers say that means they are likely to struggle in first-year college courses in those areas.

Readiness levels are particularly low, they note, among black and Hispanic students. None of those four benchmarks were met by more than half of students in those racial and ethnic groups.

• Everybody loves a carnival, right?

The fine folks over at Student Union Activities do, at least, as they’re putting one on this Saturday.

The carnival is scheduled for 8 p.m. in the big parking lot outside the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center.

The event is free to attend for KU students, faculty and staff with a KU ID. They will have a Ferris wheel, apparently, and a Tilt-a-Whirl (that last one is not for me, thanks).

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fu7il3 5 years, 9 months ago

How bad do national test scores have to be before they finally accept that the way we do education in this country is not working? You can't teach to the test and have kids actually learn retain anything. Facilities, technology, and extra-curricular activities should not be the focal point of our schools. Good teachers teaching kids how to love learning and apply what they learn should be.

The current system is a failure. It needs scrapped.

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