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Prosecutors seek dismissal of case in need of more investigation

August 22, 2012


Douglas County prosecutors have asked to dismiss a criminal explosives case against a 20-year-old Lawrence man because they say more investigation is needed.

Prosecutors in July filed two charges against Adam Bennett Dale in connection with a July 9 incident in an apartment in the 700 block of West 25th Street. Another Lawrence man, Dakota Jackson Kunkle, 20, was ordered to stand trial in the case after a bomb squad officer testified he removed a pipe bomb from Kunkle’s television in the apartment that day. Kunkle’s attorney had argued his client placed the device inside the TV as a hobby and planned to detonate it in the country.

According to a motion filed in Dale’s case, prosecutor David Melton, a chief assistant district attorney, asked District Judge Michael Malone to dismiss his case without prejudice because further investigation was required. The judge is expected to grant the motion. Prosecutors could re-file charges later.


goodcountrypeople 5 years, 10 months ago

Douglas County prosecutors are hardly models of good conscience and evenhandedness. KU is allowed to use the court to retaliate against workers and students at their whim. Everyone knows KU's General Counsel is not without ethical demerits, so how can this be? What possible honest reason exists for filing cases that have involved no police contact with a "suspect" beforehand except careerist, self-serving excuses? It hardly makes a very strong case that someone is feared as a threat when no police were even involved in their apprehension. Only whitewashers like the EEO Office and Federal Department of Education would accept BS like this with no further questions asked.

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