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100 years ago: Lawrence marshal uncovers whiskey scam

August 22, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 22, 1912:

  • "It used to be that the farmer reluctantly took a half day off to hitch up his plow horse to the farm wagon and haul the family to the picnic. He could hardly spare the time and yet he just must get to the picnic. But these times have changed. Now the farmer hitches up his fast drivers to a fine new surrey and his family comes to Lawrence to spend the entire day at Woodland Park to have a big time at the picnic. That is the way they came in this morning, only some of them came in automobiles.... The farmer is the jolly big fellow with his hearty laugh, and well he can afford to be happy. He is prosperous and he shows it in his every action. This morning the farmers came in to Lawrence early prepared for a stay until the affair was all over. They were the guests of the Lawrence Merchants for the day and they came prepared to enjoy themselves."
  • "Marshal Meyers of the Lawrence police department has discovered a scheme on the part of Lawrence bootleggers and whiskey dealers of elsewhere that probably will lead to a case in the U.S. Federal court. Meyers has discovered that whiskey bottles have been tapped and removed of their original contents and a substitute used and the whole closed without breaking the official stamp across the top or removing the original label. The Marshal is in possession of samples of two different brands of goods that show signs of having been tampered with. One is a bottle bearing the Guggenheimer label and the official revenue stamp of the United States. A small hole has been put in the bottom of the bottle and then the piece of glass that was removed in this way has been replaced and sealed tight. He has a number of bottles and all of them show the same signs. The matter will be referred to government officials."


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