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25 years ago: Roommate search covers all bases

August 16, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 16, 1987:

Kansas University students were back in town and several of them were seeking roommates. A peek at the "roommate board" outside of the KU Office of Residential Programs showed a few examples of the ongoing search for compatible space-sharers. The handwritten notices ranged from the laid-back ( "Looking for easy-going girl, tolerant of occasional jam sessions in the living room") to the more structured ("Need third roommate, imamculet (sic) serious student"). Some made specific mention of possible turn-offs, such as "Those who cannot tolerate garage door-openers won't want to inquire." Some were rather open-ended, such as a notice that simply said "Non-smoking" with a phone number, while others were very specific, such as this one: "I'm a Psych major hoping for law school. I'm looking for a non-smoking, fun, serious student who loves cats (or at least can live with one)." There was something for everyone on the board -- males, females, Christians, non-smokers, cat-lovers, pet-haters, those who studied hard and those who partied hard.


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