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40 years ago: KU chancellor gives verbal resignation

August 14, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 14, 1972:

"Highly authoritative sources" today were said to have informed the Journal-World that Kansas University Chancellor Laurence Chalmers had given his oral resignation to at least one member of the Kansas Board of Regents. Chalmers had informed the newspaper that he was declining comment at this time on the report of a verbal resignation as well as the simultaneous report that divorce proceedings had been filed against him by Mrs. Chalmers. The Chancellor said that he had reported the filing of the divorce papers to the regents "so they would be informed before the matter appeared in the press," adding that he had his wife had "decided it would be better to pursue separate paths -- it's still too difficult for me to talk about it." Jess Stewart of Wamego, chairman of the board of regents, said that the board had not yet received a written resignation but that a special meeting had been scheduled to discuss "the ramifications of the divorce." Max Bickford, executive officer of the regents, said that the board was "surprised, disappointed, and very sympathetic to the family."


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