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40 years ago: Teen runaways increase during summer months

August 12, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 12, 1972:

The Douglas County Juvenile Court was reporting an increase in teenage runaways during the summer months. During the previous month, the office had worked with 26 runaways, 11 from Douglas County and the other 15 from other counties but apprehended here. Ten of the runaways had been girls, one age 16, four 14, and five age 15. The boys had ranged in age from 12 to 17, including one runaway each from the U.S. Army and the Job Corps. Juvenile Officer Harold Hutton said that while many of the young people were carrying cash when they were picked up -- two of them with as much as $600 -- this did not equate in his mind with a caring home environment. "I call it bought love," he said, adding that many of the teens reported that their parents did not care where they went or what they did. "Just turn her loose and let her walk home. She'll be home in a few days," a Lawrence police sergeant quoted a Leavenworth woman as saying about her 14-year-old runaway niece. When Douglas County juvenile runaways were picked up in other counties or states, the county paid their way home "if the parent won't," said Hutton.


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