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100 years ago: ‘Old-timer’ points out grasshopper cloud to J-W reporter

August 12, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 12, 1912:

  • "'Just look up that way a moment and see if you don't see specks like snow,' said an old timer to a Journal-World man this morning. The one addressed shaded his eyes with his hand and looked as long as the tears would permit him and sure enough the specks could be seen, although the rays of the sun made looking an unpleasant task. 'That's the way they traveled years ago,' continued the old timer. 'I believe they're going north.' The heavens seemed to be full of tiny specks and the large number of full grown hoppers on the street made it appear that the old timer was right and that a migration of grasshoppers was on. The prevalence of the grasshoppers will soon be brought home to the housewives by the bright red-yellow color of the yolks of eggs. The chickens eat so many of the hoppers when they are prevalent that it makes the eggs highly colored and strong."
  • "The water analysis department of the University of Kansas will begin an examination of the water supply of the country schools of the state of Kansas next week. From this examination it will be determined just what kind of water the country school children of the state have been using and it will be possible to remedy conditions that are found to be unfavorable. The county superintendent of the various counties of the state are to send in the samples of water taken from wells. These samples will be tested for injurious substances and if any are found it will be reported to the county superintendent with recommendations on what action should be taken to remove these matters and make the water pure and fit for use by the school children."
  • "The six trained bears that are to be the attraction at Woodland Park this week have arrived and are ready for their first performance this evening. These bears have toured all of Europe and are said to be almost human in their actions. They will be seen each evening this week at the park."


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