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100 years ago: Committee plans roadways to surrounding towns

August 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for August 11, 1912:

  • "Another step in the direction of good roads has been taken by the county commissioners in 'laying' the proposed highways. Certain roads have been officially designated 'county roads' and are to be graded, drained, and dragged at the expense of the county. Culverts and bridges are needed on some of them and these also are to be supplied.... The roads are so selected as to connect with others in the neighboring counties and make it easier for farmers to bring their crops to town than it now is. Especially is a road needed southwest of town in the direction of Clinton and Lone Star. Farmers in this neighborhood are not close to any large town and they need a good road to Lawrence.... Nine roads have been 'laid' by the county commissioners. One of these is the old Santa Fe trail. The Eudora-Santa Fe road is to run from Eudora to Black Jack where it will connect with the Santa Fe Road. The Lawrence-Eudora road is to run from the east end of Quincy street to Eudora. The Lawrence, Lone Star and Lapear Road will run from Breezedale southwest to intersect with the Santa Fe Road. The Worden Road will connect Worden with the Lawrence, Lone Star and Lapear Road, running to Clinton and Belvoir. The Lawrence-Topeka road will run west for thirteen miles from the west end of Winthrop [Seventh] street, then north one mile and west to the county line to connect with the Shawnee county road to Topeka."
  • "A representative of the Boston College of Technology was in Lawrence last week and photographed the University. He is securing plans for a large ten million dollar institution that is to be built in the east. All of the big universities are being visited for the purpose of securing pointers."
  • "The twenty-ninth annual convention of the Women's Christian Temperance Union will be held in Lawrence tomorrow. This is to be a convention of delegates from different parts of Douglas county."


Tyson Travis 5 years, 9 months ago

Quincy St. is the present-day 11th St., apparently this route must have then curved south around past Oak Hill cemetery and the amusement park to join up with 15th St. and head east to Eudora. The "Topeka Road" being co-located with 7th St. I guess became the later US-40, which was re-located only much later to 6th St. You can still see vestiges of old US-40 if you follow 7th St. west until it dead-ends. This was cut off by the construction of the 6th and Iowa cloverleaf for the turnpike in the early '50s. Would be interesting to see an old county map of these roads from the 1920s.

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