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100 years ago: On eve of primary, article reminds voters on ballot procedure

August 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 5, 1912:

  • "Tomorrow the voters have an inning. Candidates have been out working with them for weeks now, informing them on the proper way to vote, but tomorrow is their day. In the secrecy of the booth the voters will make their selections and as a result of this voting the tickets for the November election in Kansas will appear. Tomorrow is primary day in Kansas.... Not in long years have there been as many real contests experienced as at the primary this year, which will result in the polling of one of the largest votes ever cast in the state. Voters have been urged to appear at the polls by speakers, by lecturers by telephone and telegraph and in every way possible."
  • "The six polling places in the City of Lawrence for tomorrow's primary have been selected as follows. First Ward, City Hall. Second Ward, Houk's Furniture store, 900 block, Vermont. Third Ward, Blair building, 800 block, Massachusetts. Fourth Ward, Rhoe Paint Shop, East Henry. Fifth Ward, Searles Barber Shop, Bridge Street. Sixth Ward, Dicker Hall.... Voting at a primary is a very simple matter, but yet every year there are ballots that have to be thrown out because the voter has failed to properly fill them out and the following general instructions are in order: The voter who wants to cast his ballot must state whether he wants a Republican, a Democratic or a Socialist ballot. He will be handed the one for which he asks. It will contain the names of the candidates under the party name. He can vote fo rhis choice of candidates on that ballot and no other. He can't write in a name without invalidating his ballot. He can't call for a Republican ballot and vote for a Democratic candidate nor the contrary. If he declares his Republicanism and calls for a Republican ballot and gets it, he must vote for Republican candidates or none. The same conditions surround him if he calls for a Democratic or a Socialist ballot."
  • "Politics has stopped tomorrow night's baseball game between the Lawyers and the Y.M.C.A. Many of the legal clan are too deeply concerned in the results at the polls to play ball and the game has been postponed until a later day."


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