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Republicans vie to unseat Sen. Holland in 3rd District

August 1, 2012


Rep. Anthony Brown and J.C. Tellefson think the newly drawn Kansas Senate 3rd District needs new blood and hope to unseat Democratic Sen. Tom Holland of Baldwin City.

Brown was motivated by his sense that voters in the 3rd District were unhappy with their current state senator.

“They felt for the last four years they had been underrepresented,” Brown said of his interactions with voters in Leavenworth and Douglas counties.

Tellefson, a former Leavenworth County commissioner who lives in Leavenworth, thinks he better represents the district, which includes small communities and two college towns: Lawrence and Baldwin City.

“It’s my job to listen to and represent all the constituents,” Tellefson said. “I think I’m in the best position to do that. And get us further down the road.”

Redistricting had placed Brown, who was first elected to the House in 2004 from the 38th District, in the same House district as another Republican incumbent, TerriLois Gregory, causing him to ponder a leap to the Senate (Gregory has since moved to another district).

Brown said his main concern as a state senator would be improving the economic fortunes of Kansas families.

“Sometimes they’re underemployed, or they’re missing full-time employment, or they’re working two different jobs,” Brown said. “That’s tough for a family to depend on that kind of income.”

Tellefson said he is concerned with the economy, but isn’t sure Gov. Brownback’s income tax cuts are the way to go, a measure Brown supports.

“It’s going to take unprecedented growth, though, for it to work out,” Tellefson said. “I’m in the position that I’m hopeful. But we need to be prepared. We need to cut spending.”

Tellefson also supports a property tax exemption for people on fixed incomes, especially elderly Kansans.

“We can’t just transfer expenses,” Tellefson said. “We’ve got to cut spending so that we don’t increase the burden on property owners.”

The newly drawn 3rd Senate District covers parts of Leavenworth and Douglas counties, including Basehor, Tonganoxie, Eudora, Baldwin City and about one-third of Lawrence’s population.

Shawn Linenberger, news editor at the Tonganoxie Mirror, contributed to this story.


KanFam 4 years ago

Anthony Brown apparently says things he does not actually believe. He would rather pad the Big Box Stores pockets and let $26,000,000 in spending in Kansas go into the pockets of out of state companies. He is in favor of the liquor bill that has been introduced the last two years and will put 780 Kansas Families out of business. Not only will all of those profits leave the state and never come back, but the stats say each dollar spent in Kansas gets spent 6 times over. So if Anthony Brown is true to his word he would just say that he doesn't want to improve the economic fortunes of Kansans, he would rather improve the economic fortunes of Non-Kansan owned Big Box Giants Way to go A. Brown!

verity 4 years ago

It's also quite possible that he just doesn't understand economics.

Do they teach economics in high school these days?

thelonious 4 years ago

Wouldn't matter in the case of Anthony Brown - he believes in home schooling and is against public education and is in favor of starving public education of funding. The only "economics" he probably teaches his kids at his "home school" is "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, which the tea-partiers think is an economics text but which is really only a work of fiction and pure fantasy. :-)

StirrrThePot 4 years ago

I'm voting for Tellefson in the primary and Holland in the general because Anthony Brown does not represent me. Neither do any of the RINOs currently in office.

Robert Schehrer 4 years ago

I'm with you StirrThe Pot. Anthony Brown must think he doesn't represent me as he never returns my phone calls. He doesn't even know what I want to talk to him about.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 4 years ago

Me too... It has been years since I voted for a Democrat..but had a long chat with Holland and the man seems to be genuine. There is nothing wrong with being true to your beliefs whether you agree with them or not.

Anthony Brown, to me, seems to be all show and no go. Basically in it for himself and to hell with the ones he is supposed to represent.

sinkorswim 4 years ago

I'm doing the same. It's been awhile since I voted republican much, but it's still how I'm registered. Will vote to support the moderates in the primary, then Holland...among other democrats in the general.

hyperinflate 4 years ago

I think the scariest thing about Mr. Brown is his vociferous support of Gov. Brownback's plan to eliminate property tax limits for local School Boards. Don't know about you, but if you removed the fetters of the 20 mil cap, USD 348 in Baldwin would property-tax us back to the Stone Ages (and then some). Can you say 80 mils, 100 mils? Whatever it takes! It's for the children!

George_Braziller 4 years ago

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.The mouths are moving but I'm not hearing any substance.

“Sometimes they’re underemployed, or they’re missing full-time employment, or they’re working two different jobs,” Brown said. “That’s tough for a family to depend on that kind of income.”

“It’s going to take unprecedented growth, though, for it to work out,” Tellefson said. “I’m in the position that I’m hopeful. But we need to be prepared. We need to cut spending.”

Terry Sexton 4 years ago

Tommy came by my house in 2008, I think, and wanted to put up a yard sign. I said sure, so he did & a coupla days later I took it down so I could mow & before I could finish my gatorade, ol' Tommy was ringin' my doorbell wantin' to know what happened to his sign. I dunno if he'd a made a good guvnah or not, but he kept good track of his signs.

Matt Schwartz 4 years ago

We are watching you....they are watching us.Be careful.

Cindy Yulich 4 years ago

Tom Holland is a genuine person committed to his constituents. He is in office for the right reasons and will continue to have my vote.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Speak out now to end the Bush tax cuts. Kevin Yoder /Lynn Jenkins just voted to extend the Bush tax cuts.

We need to speak out now to ensure the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% are allowed to expire as scheduled at the end of the year.

Representative Kevin Yoder, 202 225-2865 Representaive Lynn Jenkins 202 225 6601

After more than a decade, it's clear that Bush tax cuts for the rich are a massive -- and very costly -- failure.

Rep Kevin Yoder, 202-225-2865 Rep Lynn Jenkins 202 225 6601

I am extremely dismayed that Rep Yoder and Rep Jenkins voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

When we're brutally slashing the budget for government programs that help people, there's nothing more fiscally irresponsible than giving money to millionaires and billionaires who literally don't need it.

Rep Kevin Yoder, 202-225-2865 Rep Lynn Jenkins 202 225 6601

The very same politicians who are pleading poverty and yelling the loudest about the need to make brutal budget cuts had no problem voting to give away more tax breaks to the rich and the ultra-rich.

We saw this again yesterday when Congress Rep Lynn Jenkins and Rep. Kevin Yoder, voted to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent of Americans.

There is very little that so clearly demonstrates what's broken in Congress than those simultaneously demanding to give the Koch brothers a tax cut while pushing benefit cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Open Secrets:

Rep Lynn Jenkins Phone: (202) 225-6601

Rep Kevin Yoder Rep Kevin Yoder, 202-225-2865

weeslicket 4 years ago

thanks to all of the above. i know how i will vote in my district in the next elections.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Under republicans who claimed to be about smaller government the exact opposite is true:

1981-84 (Reagan, R) +1.1%
1985-88 (Reagan, R) +1.7%
1989-92 (GHW Bush, R) +0.7%
1993-96 (Clinton, D) -2.6%
1997-2000 (Clinton, D) -0.1%
2001-04 (GW Bush, R) +0.9%
2005-08 (GW Bush, R) +0.9%

This is, by the way, an absolute measure, and does not show whether the entire economy grew more rapidly than the government sector. The government grew at a slower pace than the rest of the economy in each administration, but the two George W. Bush terms saw the smallest differences.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Want term limits?

Replace all republicans with democrats which does not require legislation.

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