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100 years ago: Young rural pupil sets record for school attendance

April 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 30, 1912:

  • "For the first time in the history of the county, so far as the Journal-World is informed, it is now possible for those having orchards to hire someone to spray them, without being forced to to the expense of buying a spraying outfit. Prof. C. E. Hubach, who bought the A. Whitman farm west of Lawrence, has purchased a large spraying outfit with a capacity great enough to spray a good sized orchard in a few hours and will take orders for spraying. His machine is operated by a gasoline engine of 2 1/2 horse power which will force the spray to the tops of the tallest fruit trees."
  • "About twenty automobiles will pass through Lawrence the first week in June on a return trip from Indianapolis to Denver. The Golden Belt Route has been selected as the official road for the return trip of a sociability and reliability run from Denver to Indianapolis."
  • "Chester Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs L. D. Howard, of Fairview school district, has not missed a day nor been tardy in the eight years he has been attending school. This is believed to be the record in the district schools. If there is a pupil who can beat this the Journal-World would like to have the name and the circumstances. The district school children have to go a long distance to school and in bad weather it takes a lot of grit to go every day."
  • "Reports have come in that Lawrence was invaded yesterday by quite a number of tramps who applied in the residence districts for food. In most instances it is said that the tramps were young fellows, dressed in working clothes and appearing to be deserving. In almost every case where the tramps were given food they remained on the back porches eating the donations."
  • [Advertisement] "The convenience of Post Toasties appeals to many housewives. Ready to serve instantly. If a supply is kept on hand it can be served for any meal during the day and saves a lot of bother preparing fancy dishes. Post Toasties have a delicious flavor; the crisp bits of toasted Indian Corn appeal to the entire family, young and old. 'The Memory Lingers.' Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Pure Food Factories, Battle Creek, Michigan."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 7 months ago

I can remember having tramps or hobos coming to our back door wanting food, mom would always give them something and like the above story they would eat in on back steps and then return the dish back to mom. Dad said there was a difference betweem a tramp and a hobo , but I can remember what it was.At that time we lived close to the U.P tracks, long ago.

pace 5 years, 7 months ago

Imagine, I thought I was genius, serving corn flakes for supper was just my secret fast food.

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