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By the Numbers: Education in Lawrence

April 29, 2012


Here are some interesting numbers about the Lawrence school district and Kansas University. Julie Boyle, the school district’s communications director, provided information about the district. The information about KU was provided by Office of University Relations and KU Info.

Lawrence schools

11,275: Students enrolled in Lawrence public schools on Sept. 20, 2011.

751: Students in the district receiving English as a Second Language (ESL) services.

6,000: Average number of school lunches served daily.

2,000: Average number of daily school bus riders.

643: 2011 graduates from Free State and Lawrence High Schools.

911: Certified teaching staff employed.

711: Classified staff employed.

176: Certified substitute teachers employed.

57: Administrators employed.

318.5: Acres of land owned by the district.

1,875,901: Square feet of facilities.

5,711: Computers and laptops in use.

560: Pounds of fresh produce from the West Middle School garden served in the school’s cafeteria.

On the hill

1866: Year classes were first held.

28,718: Total number of students (at all campuses) enrolled in 2012.

2,262: Students enrolled in 1912.

2,135: Number of international students.

More than 3,000: Students involved in greek life.

1,280: Students in the honors program.

About 5,200: Number of students who live on campus.

24.9: Average ACT score of KU student.

734: Student groups registered for 2012.

$45 million: Estimated total of scholarships and grants given for 2011:12.

$17,508: Estimated cost per year for a Kansas resident entering as a freshman in 2011.

26: Rhodes Scholars named to date.

161,660: Alumni still living in Kansas.

More than 40: Languages taught.

130: Study abroad programs available.


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