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100 years ago: College students endure 13 hours without food

April 29, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 29, 1912:

  • "Thirteen hours without food! That is the record held by fourteen chemical engineering students of the University of Kansas and one member of the faculty, Prof. W. A. Whitaker. It was no endurance test either that the boys were trying out, nor was it any desire of the members of the party to reduce in weight, it was just the fact that there wasn't any place they could get anything to eat. [They] have just returned from a trip to St. Louis and Kansas City where they visited large plants that involve much knowledge of chemical engineering. They enjoyed the trip immensely until -- they left St. Louis on a Missouri Pacific train homeward bound. That is, they thought they were homeward bound, but they failed to reckon with the fact that trains sometimes do not run on their scheduled time. The train that was bearing this band of K.U. men homeward was delayed just 13 hours and these 13 hours were just where it was impossible to get one bite of food. In vain they tried to get something to eat, but there was no way of doing this. They thought and thought of food but that didn't help much. When the train finally arrived in Kansas City, the boys rushed to make connections to get to Lawrence and a square meal. Seriously the trip that the boys took was of the greatest practical benefit to them. They saw the very things being done that they are learning at school and they had a chance to study the mammoth scale on which the big concerns to business. The trip was of the greatest value to those who went."
  • "Junius Huffine of this city who has been in the army for the past fourteen years has landed in this country from the Philippines. He will come to his home in Lawrence. Fourteen years of service is a long time and Mr. Huffine's friends here will be glad to welcome him back."
  • "Nelson Brown, a colored man, is in the county jail facing a term in the penitentiary on a charge of a crime against nature He was arrested Saturday night by Officer Silverthorn after quite a struggle."


LadyJ 6 years ago

" a crime against nature " Now that leaves a lot to the imagination.

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