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40 years ago: At KU speech, Sen. Dole unfazed by hecklers

April 28, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 28, 1972:

Senator Bob Dole had been on the receiving end of some uncomplimentary comments from student hecklers during his recent speech at Kansas University, during which he had attempted to defend President Nixon's recent policies in Vietnam. Chancellor Laurence Chalmers said the actions of the hecklers were "most unfortunate," but Sen. Dole did not seem to have been very bothered by the situation. "I'm still proud of my state, my university and the students," said Dole. "With the exception of a few students who were rude, I think it was an interesting and stimulating evening. I certainly don't quarrel with their right to disagree." About 150 war protesters had packed the front rows of the Kansas Union Ballroom, standing and turning their backs on Dole when he began to speak. Pinned to their backs were the names of war dead.


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