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100 years ago: Suicide discovered this morning in city jail

April 26, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 26, 1912:

  • "Lying flat on the floor with a small piece of chalk line drawn tight about his neck and fastened to the iron lattice side of the cell, Alexander Dahlene was found dead in the city jail this morning shortly after seven o'clock. He was placed in the jail yesterday afternoon intoxicated.... It is the opinion of the Coroner that Dahlene was a victim of drink. He probably awoke this morning and realizing his situation decided to end his existence. The effects of the liquor, together with the weird and lonely aspect presented by the interior of the old jail probably overcame the old man and impelled him to do the deed that ended the struggle... Dahlene was a stone mason and the cord used was a piece of the line that he had in his pocket.
  • "Mrs. M. F. Williams, who has been connected with catering to the wants of the public for many years, has leased the Central hotel and will open the dining room tomorrow. She expects to run the hotel upon a much larger scale than it has ever been run before and will call it The Savoy. The Savoy will be refurnished throughout with attractive new furniture and will take its place among the better hotels of the state."


kernal 5 years, 2 months ago

Anyone know where the Savoy was? First I've heard of it.

Sarah St. John 5 years, 2 months ago

The Savoy, under its original name of the Central Hotel, was located at Warren (now Ninth) and Vermont. Here are a couple other mentions of it:

November 2009: "The Central Hotel property owned by Bertha Apitz was sold yesterday to Joseph Baer for $10,000. The hotel is at the corner of Vermont and Warren streets and is one of the most valuable sites in Lawrence." (

Dec. 20, 2011:: "What came near being a serious fire broke out in the Central Hotel yesterday evening about 7:15 and continued for nearly an hour. The flames were discovered breaking through the roof by one of the boarders who turned in the fire alarm. It was but a short run for the department but the building is old and dry and the flames spread rapidly over the entire roof.... The damage to the building is estimated at being about $250 and is said to be covered by insurance. The Central Hotel is one of the old buildings of Lawrence. It is a frame structure throughout and dry as it was, a total destruction to the building would have been certain had the fire been allowed a little more headway." (

Haven't found any old pictures yet.....

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