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80-year-old Lawrence woman scammed out of more than $7,000

April 20, 2012


An 80-year-old Lawrence woman reported she was scammed out of a $7,033 by a person who alleged he was her grandson and needed the money for medical expenses in Spain.

The woman reported to Lawrence police Wednesday the theft occurred over a two-day period beginning April 13 when she received a call. The person claiming to be her grandson said he had suffered an accident in Spain and asked for money to be wired without notifying any other family members, said Sgt. Trent McKinley, a police spokesman.

McKinley said also during the calls a person claimed to be with the American embassy in Spain. McKinley said it was a common scam, and he said officers advise people to always check with other family members, their bank or even the police to verify information before wiring money overseas.

“These scams are complex, and so they can sound extremely convincing,” McKinley said. “But any one of a number of interactions will put a stop to things.”


KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

Absolutely stunning ANYBODY would fall for this without checking with family first. Just unbelieveable.

pace 6 years ago

It is hard to believe that someone would know facts about your family, but they do. Maybe some kid talking about how he missed his grandma, hadn't seen her in years, loved being in Spain, triggered the con. Same con about your relative is in jail and needs the bail. We pick up.

seahawks06 6 years ago

or maybe he wasn't! my grandmother was targeted by the same scam claiming to be me and i clearly wasnt aware of what was going on. they target the elderly because they can be easily deceived at times because the world has changed so much for them. we can all sit here and say how could you fall for that but it wasnt us and we werent caught up in the moment,so how about you show some respect.

pace 6 years ago

Larrynative, You make me sorry I posted, giving you an opportunity to make spurious accusations against the grandson, What couldn't you resist heaping further abuse on the victim by using fictitious information about her grandson?

progressive_thinker 6 years ago

In theory, if you seek medical care in another country, you have to pay for it and then file a claim with your insurance company when you get home.

As a practical matter, one can usually seek care beginning with a pharmacist, who may recommend a course of treatment or refer you to other care. If necessary, you go to the emergency room.

A few years ago a friend and I were traveling in Italy. While in Rome, she accidentally cut her finger quite badly. We went to the emergency room, where she was admitted and provided with state of the art treatment. Staff at the hospital were quite kind, There was no charge for the care that was provided. For them, providing basic medical services such as this is routine.

DillonBarnes 6 years ago

I'm glad your 80 year old mother is in such good health, but open your eyes a little. My not even 80 year old grandfather has quite advanced Alzheimer's disease. Would you blame him for falling for a scam?

My point is, the mental and physical health of 80 year olds is not all the same. There is a reason scammers target senior citizens, because it's more likely to work.

50YearResident 6 years ago

These scams work because the caller phishing for names and answers. They use the come-ons like, hi gramma this is your favorite grandson and I am in trouble. Then the old person says, is this Gerore? Then the caller says, yes, I knew you would recognise my voice. From then on the Old person provides most of the info to complete the scam. The trick is they tell Gramma not to tell anyone because he wasn't suppoased to go to spain. Gramma says she wont tell and it all $$$$ from there on.

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