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100 years ago: Local judge hears case of underperforming cow

April 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 18, 1912:

  • "The case of McClintock versus Kelsey and Brown was on trial this afternoon before Justice J. B. Wilson. The plaintiffs in this case allege that they purchased a cow from the defendants and that the animal was guaranteed to give four gallons of milk per day. It is further alleged that the cow failed to live up to the reputation and that the defendants failed to make good the loss."
  • "Get ready for the Clean-up Day Saturday. The wagons will go through the city gathering up all rubbish in the morning. Such stuff as is to be carried away must be put in the alleys so that the wagons may collect it on their regular trips. Everyone should see that the rubbish is collected as early in the morning as possible. Everyone helping will make the day a success."
  • "Rev. E. E. Stauffer is very eager to secure some more vacant lots for the boys to work this summer. George Ecke has furnished a number but there is need for more. Anyone who has some empty lots and who is interested in this movement should telephone Rev. Stauffer."
  • "It was reported today the William Dusten of Kanwaka had found a wolf's lair with sixteen cubs in it. This is one of the biggest finds of the kind ever found in Douglas county."


FlintlockRifle 6 years ago

McClintock , wasnt that the name of John Wayne in one of his many movies?????????, he had beef cattle in his movie, me thinks

gccs14r 6 years ago

Someone in Lawrence had a telephone in 1912? And I can only imagine what happened to the poor wolves who were found.

Sarah St. John 6 years ago

Oh sure! There were two competing phone companies in the area at the time... the Home company and the Bell company. See the second paragraph at for more details on what was going on in 1912 with a possible dissolution of one company, or merger of both.

There was even a telephone directory, printed at the Journal-World.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

The claims of milk production were udderly false . . . .

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