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Iowa man arrested after running from Franklin County authorities following accident

April 10, 2012


A 45-year-old Council Bluffs, Iowa, man was arrested Monday evening after he ran from officers following an accident on Kansas Highway 68.

Master Deputy Jerrod Fredricks, a Franklin County Sheriff’s spokesman, said that bout 6:20 p.m. William R. Rowe was driving east near Arkansas Road, about 10 miles west of Ottawa, when he fell asleep. The vehicle rolled and landed on its wheels. Rowe continued to drive, and sheriff’s officers later tried to stop the vehicle near Eisenhower Road on the northwestern edge of Ottawa.

Rowe did not immediately stop, and once he did, Fredricks said, he ran from the vehicle.

“The driver was then apprehended after a short foot pursuit and taken into custody,” Fredricks said.

He was booked into jail on charges of DUI, fleeing or eluding law enforcement, leaving the scene of a property damage accident and failing to report an accident.


tscaf2000 2 years ago

Must have been an older model car, since the crap we drive today would have discenigrated on the roll over. Yeah that would have been a site to see. And then to get out and lead Ottawa's finest on a foot chase. Wonder if Casey was involved?


none2 2 years ago

I'm surprised someone hasn't blamed it on talking and texting.


Flap Doodle 2 years ago

Dude must have been all inflamed over something.


1983Hawk 2 years ago

Abandoning the vehicle and fleeing police on foot: always a smart play. Unless it's a stolen car, how exactly are they not going to run your tags and throw the book at you, even if you manage to outrun them in your drunken stupor?


tolawdjk 2 years ago

Reminds of the time I was driving north in the Interstate north of El Dorado and I looked in my rear view mirror on to watch a car veer off the highway into the median, one of the "emergency services only" turnaround spots, execute a perfect Dukes of Hazzard, four-wheels-off-the-ground jumps, and then proceed to re-enter traffic like nothing happened.

I pulled off the road at the next exit to call it in but as far as I know the guy was fine and never got pulled over.

I think if you pull off an unaided movie caliber stunt and still live and can drive away from it, you should get some kind of pass.


consumer1 2 years ago

This reminds me of the woman and her daughter who sped through contruction barriers killing two road workers. I believe they were from Iowa.


Steve Swaggerty 2 years ago

If your vehicle is the only one involved...Don't you have some time to report it ?


Pywacket 2 years ago

The vehicle rolled, landed on its wheels, and the driver continued on down the road?! Wouldn't you like to see that one on video? Glad they caught him, since it sounds like he had been drinking. But what are the chances of rolling and having little enough damage that you could just keep going?


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