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German joins Kansas soccer

April 10, 2012


Hanna Kallmaier, a four-year player for Deutscher Fußball Verband, the German National Team, will join Kansas University’s soccer team this fall, coach Mark Francis announced Tuesday.

A 5-foot-8 center midfielder, Deutscher helped Deutscher place third at the European Women’s Championship last summer.

“Hanna is very technical and very comfortable on the ball, even under pressure,” Francis said. “Her distribution is very consistent. She has good size, which makes her good in the air, and she is athletic. Defensively, Hanna does a very good job of winning the ball. She is someone who is little bit more of a defensive presence in the center midfield, but then when she wins the ball, she is very good at creating with the ball as well.”


Jonathan Becker 6 years, 2 months ago

Para 2 is a terrible translation from the German or we are missing another editor.

Vaildini 6 years, 2 months ago

Get over it. Eveyone knows what the article meant. Find a hobby.

BURT 6 years, 2 months ago

More out of AREA and out of COUNTRY talent recruited by francis!!!!! He sits in one of the best SOCCER areas of the country but he wastes his money on this foreign cr-p!!!!! Maybe it is because they don't have a clue that he and his coaching staff are so worthless!!!!! THE BEST TALENT IN THE KANSAS CITY AREA IS ONCE AGAIN GOING TO ANYWHERE BUT KU!!!!!!

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