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Feds receive Kan. abortion complaint

April 6, 2012


TOPEKA — A federal agency has received a civil rights complaint about a former Kansas abortion provider’s disposal of hundreds of patients’ medical records in a recycling bin, an official said Thursday. Meanwhile, a state regulatory board is working on an agreement on the permanent custody of other files still in his possession.

Leon Rodriguez, director of the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said it received a complaint March 26 about Krishna Rajanna’s handling of confidential patient files. The complaint came two days after a woman discovered the documents in a bin outside an elementary school near Rajanna’s home in Overland Park.

The records were from Affordable Medical and Surgical Services, a Kansas City, Kan., clinic where Rajanna performed abortions. It closed in 2005, shortly after the State Board of Healing Arts revoked Rajanna’s medical license over clinic conditions.

Rodriguez’s agency enforces federal laws dealing with patient privacy and the security of medical records, and he said in an email statement that it referred the complaint about Rajanna to the regional Office of Civil Rights in Kansas City, Mo., for review. He declined to discuss the content of the complaint.


its_just_math 6 years ago

Aboriton zealots have beat down those opposing abortion and feel more empowered and act more brazen than ever. We saw years of it with Tiller and Sebelius' machine at work. A black eye for America and a big black eye for this?

bad_dog 6 years ago

"Aboriton zealots have beat down those opposing abortion and feel more empowered and act more brazen than ever."

Well, it is a legal procedure. Nevertheless, how you can say this with a straight face is beyond me. Given the actions Scott Roeder, Eric Rudolph, Shelley Shannon and Randall Terry; entities like Operation Rescue and operations like "The Summer of Mercy", the need to enact Federal legislation like the Freedom of Access to Clininc Entrances Act to protect those who wish to utilize these legally protected services, it's pretty obvious who feels empowered, administers beat downs and acts brazenly.

Talk about zealotry, or is this merely more of the same from "its_just_hypocrisy"?

chootspa 6 years ago

A lousy former doctor continuing to prove that he deserved to have his license revoked - revoked under Sebelius, no less - demonstrates what again? Oh right, you just heard "abortion" and coughed up a word salad in response.

If you wonder why nobody takes you seriously, that's why.

This was a case of someone not following the law. He should be punished. End of story.

ThePilgrim 6 years ago

From what the news has reported, the lady who found these in the recycle bin at an elementary school, where the recycle bin wasn't locked and was only emptied once a month, is not an abortion (or anti-abortion zealot), but a person who was horrified that people's medical records were dumped like that. The records had personal and medical info (HIPAA violation to the max), insurance info, and no doubt social security numbers. This "doctor" is going to go away for a long time on Fed charges. Ironically, not because of the abortions, but because of this blatant disregard for his patients' info and rights.

jafs 6 years ago

I can't believe that's true.

He certainly knew better than to dispose of those records in that way, and has the responsibility to do so.

The fact that he was no longer a doctor (because he had his license revoked) doesn't make him suddenly unaware of those responsibilities, and analogous to you or me.

jafs 6 years ago

Are ex-priests allowed to break the confessional seal?

Are ex-lawyers allowed to breach confidentiality of their former clients?

Are ex-therapists?


It seems to me that a professional obligation that exists during the time that information is gathered and received can't just end because the person changed professions afterwards.

chootspa 6 years ago

I doubt it was legal for him to dispose of the records without shredding them, even if if we was no longer a doctor.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

Cue kansanjayhawk in 3...2...1...

lunacydetector 6 years ago

i remember this guy. he had two dishwashers hooked up in the bathroom to sterilize his instruments, kept aborted fetuses in the breakroom fridge next to peoples lunches, and the cops found a dead mouse in the hall.

William Weissbeck 6 years ago

If this legal procedure was open and rare, instead of being hounded into the shadows to be performed in some cases by doctors who shouldn't be practicing, then we wouldn't have stories about medical records in dumpsters. But of course, medical records in dumpsters are at least a step above the old days when young woman showed up at ER's with unexplained, uncontrolled bleeding or infections.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

I fully admit that I have a political agenda but it isn't the one that some people on this board think. I am accused of being "pro-abortion". I am not. I am pro-woman and there is a huge difference. What this "doctor" did was reprehensible. It was also just as anti-woman as the people who stand outside abortion clinics with bullhorns and the ones that bomb them. And, as much as those same people that vilify me also vilify former Governor Sebelius, it was under her administration that this cockroach was shut down. What makes it amazing is that it's just as much their fault that this snake ever got into business to begin with. When you stalk people, vandalize their offices, threaten their families and their very lives and sometimes outright martyr them, you get one of two things; either a doctor who is truly committed to being an advocate and a force for women regardless of the danger or a sleaze who couldn't cut it in any other practice and is out to make a quick buck and get out before anybody threatens him. This man, frankly, was no better than a back alley abortionist prior to legalization. This man did what he did thanks to radical anti-abortionists. Until women can know they are safe and their reproductive choices will be respected and protected, his kind will continue to pop up. Especially when they keep murdering the good ones. But then again, that may be why they murder the good ones; because they know when a woman's only choice is to take her own life into her hands to have it done, then whatever happens is her "just retribution".

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

By the way, what about the copies of records that Phill Klown is still carrying around in Sterlite boxes? I'm sure it would break his heart to give up his abortion porn but he has to do it some day.

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