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40 years ago: Peach crop suffers a sad end this year

April 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 5, 1972:

  • A warm spell was coming to Lawrence -- warm enough that residents would be tempted to test their air conditioners. However, the balmy weather was coming too late to save the local peach crop, which had been killed by recent temperatures as low as 24 degrees. Fortunately, area orchard operators were reporting that the apple and cherry trees had not been harmed by the recent freeze or by January's sub-zero temperatures.
  • In the first two days of an all-out push to get young and rural voters registered this week, Douglas County Clerk Delbert Mathia reported that over 1,000 persons so far had been put on the books. Hopes were high for new voter registrations to reach 5,000 before the end of the week.


pace 6 years ago

Good old days when voter registration was encouraged.

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