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100 years ago: Farm children can help with this crop

April 5, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 5, 1912:

  • "The Kappa Alpha Theta of the University of Kansas was granted a charter yesterday by the state charter board to build a $10,000 home here.... No property has been purchased as yet by the sorority and the charter was applied for so that the sorority could become a legal building association."
  • "The granting of a license to Geo. M. Lindley, permitting his son to sell vegetables on the street, has caused somewhat a stir among the members of the council. It is alleged that the son who is to conduct the stand is afflicted with tuberculosis and that the public health may be endangered by his selling of vegetables on the street."
  • "Pop corn ought to be grown on every farm. If there is too much other work to look after, let the children care for it. They will not only find it a pleasant task, but will make some money at the same time. Get them interested in the work of the farm by giving them something to do that will interest them -- something they can call their own."
  • "Lawrence is a nickel-theater going town. That much has been proved by the flourishing business that the five-cent theaters have done here. Yesterday, however, there was a motive back of many persons attending Mrs. Pattee's theater, for the Nickel yesterday afternoon and evening was given over to the Humane Society of Lawrence. As a result of that benefit the Humane Society is fifty dollars richer -- a sum that will help materially in carrying on the work of that organization."


Sarah St. John 5 years, 8 months ago

Re: the Kappa Alpha Theta house in the first paragraph -- this is the same house that is still serving the sorority over on Tennessee Street here in Lawrence. In searching for an old picture of the house, I came across this terrific LIFE Magazine article from 1939 about Kansas Sorority Girls. You must see these pictures! The text is good, too, but it's mostly pics:


Sheryl Wiggins 5 years, 8 months ago

I love love LOVE these pics Sarah. Thanks for all the stuff you post, it's so enjoyable.

FlintlockRifle 5 years, 8 months ago

We grew popcorn on the farm, and believe me it wasn't my choice to get to do this, really small ears, hard to pick, and a burger to hull , and it sure didn't make this kid any money----

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