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100 years ago: Weather-watchers report average March winds decreasing

April 3, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for April 3, 1912:

  • "Is March to lose its reputation forever as being a windy month? That is the question that is now confronting the weather experts for a careful study of weather conditions for the past thirty years reveals the fact that almost every year the winds for March have become fewer and that if this condition continues it means that a decided change in climate has been established and March will no longer be known as 'the windy month.'"
  • "The city dads last night transacted municipal business until a late hour discussing matters from 'jay' walking and smoking in polling places to awarding contracts for civic improvements aggregating close to the sum of $9,000 and the proposed enacting of a new sidewalk ordinance. It was the regular monthly meeting and many matters of importance were up for settlement and the city council labored long with these questions with the result that the April meeting was one of the most important and fruitful sessions that has been held for some time."
  • "The Methodist parsonage at Vinland had a narrow escape from being destroyed by fire this morning. The house caught fire upstairs. Dave Kennedy took two fire extinguishers and ran to the house putting the flames out. The fire is supposed to have started in a trunk. The Rev. Mr. Babbitt and his family are preparing to leave Vinland and had been packing up."


Sarah St. John 6 years, 1 month ago

Today's OHT (especially the first and second paragraphs) is dedicated to Pywacket.... and to the poor souls in 1912 who apparently had to live through a severe comma shortage.


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