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Book review: ‘Dying to Know You’

April 2, 2012


As soon as I read the first page of “Dying to Know You” by Aidan Chambers, I was totally, completely hooked. I finished it in a 24-hour period, which shows that I had way too much time on my hands over spring break; I would sit and read for hours at a time. (This means I really liked the book, because normally I would get bored or distracted after about half an hour or so and stop reading.)

“Dying to Know You” is narrated by a famous author, whose name is never mentioned. He is like the moderator in a relationship between Karl Williamson and Fiorella Seabourne. Fiorella gives Karl an ultimatum: he needs to answer approximately 50 questions about himself that she has written for him or else she will no longer go out with him.

Karl is not a good writer because he is dyslexic, and therefore hates writing. For help, he goes to Fiorella’s favorite author, and not only does the author help with the writing, but he and Karl become friends.

However, after several misunderstandings between Fiorella and Karl, she dumps him, and Karl’s life starts to spiral downward.

The author talks to both of them in attempt to help, but neither person wants him to talk to the other. He and Karl learn a lot from each other during the course of this story — especially Karl, who learns that people can’t help him if they don’t know he needs help.

I would highly recommend “Dying to Know You” — I mean, I haven’t spent so much time in one day reading in a very long time. Although there are some semi-sad parts, there are also some funny moments, and it makes for great light reading.

“Dying to Know You” is age-appropriate for readers 13 and up.

— Naomi Grant is a freshman at Free State High School.


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