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62-year-old Lawrence man enters a diversion agreement for fight over parking stall at grocery store

September 28, 2011


Douglas County prosecutors have reached a diversion agreement with a 62-year-old Lawrence man charged with aggravated battery after an altercation outside Dillons, 1015 W. 23rd St., over a parking space.

According to court records, prosecutors agreed to suspend prosecution of Darrell Sharp if he serves 12 months on diversion including avoiding further trouble with the law and abstaining from using drugs or alcohol. Sharp also agreed to pay $1,091 restitution.

Prosecutors accused Sharp on March 19 of shoving a 59-year-old Lawrence man to the ground, causing him to break his arm. Sharp apparently was angry and believed the man had not parked in a proper stall and blocked access to his vehicle.

At a June preliminary hearing, Sharp’s defense attorney Michael Tubbs had argued Sharp was attempting to defend himself because the man was walking swiftly at Sharp and that he believed the man made a threatening remark to him.


Brent Fry 5 years ago

No reason for the article to even mention it was in a Dillons parking lot. The only thing that surprises me was that it was on 23rd street, rather than the Dirty Dillons on Mass

knowyourfacts 5 years ago

If they didnt say it was Dillons, everyone on here would assume it was Wal-Mart and start trashing it like they normally do.

Brent Fry 5 years ago

Funny thing is that before I clicked on the article link, I already pictured the fight being in a Dillons parking lot.

Wal-martians like to keep their fights inside the store

SeaFox 5 years ago

And those parking spaces are a nice size too at Wal-Mart. You'd have to do a pretty bad parking job to trap anyone in/out of their vehicle.

MarcoPogo 5 years ago

The incident took place in March.

chootspa 5 years ago

The parking is crappier on 23rd st.

jackpot 5 years ago

Hey George I want to report a crime, someone stole the weather right off the LJWorld web site.

PrettyTony 5 years ago

62yr old vs 59 yr old (The Rematch)-Dillons parking lot -Sept 28, 2011- 7pm.

Mike Hatch 5 years ago

At least it was over a parking stall and not a bathroom stall.

RoeDapple 5 years ago

CMM (anonymous) replies…

"Wal-martians like to keep their fights inside the store"

Yep. Usually starts in the cookie isle.

Reuben Turner 5 years ago

well i be... he's too old to be fighting about a parking space. he ought be setting an example of how to solve the problem w/o fighting or arguing to the young folks!! I hope the victims arm heals up..

Grump 5 years ago

That seems like a very light sentence for aggravated battery. What does someone get for simple battery in a Dillons' parking lot?

LadyJ 5 years ago

Darn, you people made me check "people of wal-mart" pictures. This one will make you shudder.

LadyJ 5 years ago

This lady doesn't have to worry about the crowds on busy days, she knows how to get them to give her plenty of room.

bearded_gnome 5 years ago

At least it was over a parking stall and not a bathroom stall.

... or over a woman. ..naw.

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