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September 25, 2011, 4:40 p.m. Updated March 22, 2012, 4:36 p.m.


Ryan Craig Thurman, 28, Lawrence, and Katie Rose Yorde, 27, Lawrence.

Corey Alan Williams, 37, Lawrence, and Melodie Ann Brouhard, 41, Lawrence.

Robert Ryan Lassen, 53, Lawrence, and Julie Ann Hardy, 50, Lawrence.

Samuel Franklin Elder, 33, Lawrence, and Katherine Elizabeth Klausner, 30, Lawrence.

William Lee Wilkerson, 32, Lawrence, and Elizabeth Anne Laduron, 29, Lawrence.

Justin Jerry Haney, 32, Olathe, and Elizabeth Mary Slade, 29, Lawrence.

Orlando Munoz, 28, Topeka, and Angela Renee Miller, 29, Lawrence.

Matthew David Anderson, 35, Lawrence, and Jamie Ann Flemming, 31, Lawrence.

Michael Shane Mullins, 31, Lawrence, and Cheri Lea Jaynes, 34, Lawrence.

Bradley John Sells, 24, Lawrence, and Emily Dolores Rooney, 24, Lawrence.

Nathan Robert Benjamin, 37, Kansas City, Mo., and Margaret Maria Perkins-McGuinness, 30, Kansas City, Mo.

Samuel Lenaire Gould, 51, Topeka, and Jennifer Nichole Steinkuehler, 29, Topeka.

Billy Daniel Gardner, 25, Lenexa, and Amy Mayre Jensen, 25, Lenexa.

Christopher Erik Helmut Asmus, 37, Lawrence, and Rahel Lilge, 31, Berlin, Germany.

James Edward Habeeb, 58, Lawrence, and Nancy Ann Muma, 53, Lawrence.

Phillip Michael Snodgrass, 22, Lawrence, and Chantelle Raelynn Cross, 28, Lawrence.


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