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Third Wichita man pleads guilty to December robbery of three female KU students at Lawrence apartment

September 23, 2011


A third Wichita man has pleaded guilty in connection with a December robbery of three female Kansas University students at a Lawrence apartment.

Jerome DeShaun Tucker, 21, pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of aggravated robbery, Douglas County prosecutors said. Tucker was scheduled to appear in court Friday afternoon, but that hearing was canceled after Tuesday’s plea.

Prosecutors had accused Tucker and two co-defendants, Dandre Williams and Dandre Tomlin, who also pleaded guilty in the case, to taking part in the Dec. 2 robbery in which the three women were forced to the ground at their apartment in the 1100 block of Louisiana Street. Williams at his plea admitted to having a firearm during the robbery, and Tomlin said he took a television, laptop and iPod and ran out of the apartment.

Prosecutors have said the men, including Tucker, were acting under the direction of Michael Hammond, 20, who wanted to a rob a suspected drug dealer in the apartment, but the Wichita men alleged Hammond gave them incorrect directions and that they burst into the students’ apartment instead.

Police arrested Hammond and three co-defendants the next night for trying to rob the alleged drug dealer’s apartment. Hammond has pleaded no contest to two counts of conspiracy to commit burglary and was cooperating with prosecutors in their cases against the three Wichita men. District Judge Kay Huff is scheduled to sentence Hammond in October.

District Judge Paula Martin is scheduled to sentence Tomlin and Williams on Oct. 21 and Tucker on Dec. 8.


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