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Kansas Board of Regents approves smaller budget request and puts KU building project on hold

September 22, 2011


— Hoping to appease Gov. Sam Brownback and the state Legislature, the Kansas Board of Regents on Thursday approved a slimmed-down budget request and put a major Kansas University building project proposal on hold.

The total increase sought by the regents was $31.8 million, down from the nearly $60 million that higher education institutions had sought. The request will now go to Brownback’s budget office. Brownback will propose a state budget in January for the Legislature to consider.

The biggest hit by the regents was to community colleges for technical education. Studies have indicated that workforce-related training is underfunded and needs a $60 million increase.

A staff proposal recommended $20 million, but, on a 4-3 vote, the board lowered that to $8 million.

Regent Fred Logan Jr. of Leawood said the $20 million request would produce “eye-rolling” among state leaders.

But Regent Tim Emert, a former Senate majority leader from Independence, said that asking for a lower amount at the start of negotiations was not a good strategy.

“I am no fortune-teller, but you will not get the $8 million. You might get closer to the $8 million” if the original recommendation is higher, he said.

Regent Christine Downey-Schmidt of Inman said she agreed with Emert, but because of the tight budget situation and Brownback’s stated support of technical education, she was willing to “gamble” and ask for $8 million in the hopes of getting the full amount.

Regent Kenny Wilk of Lansing told community colleges not to get discouraged,

saying that the budget request was part of “an ongoing conversation.”

Logan also successfully decreased the requested inflationary increase from $18.9 million to $12.7 million, saying that the lower figure was closer to the Midwestern regional inflation rate.

KU had sought a new $5 million annual appropriation to help pay off a bond issue for a proposed $78 million medical education building. The current facility, built in 1976, is obsolete, in need of repair and too small for proposed expansion, KU officials have said.

But Regent Chairman Ed McKechnie of Arcadia said there needed to be more work on funding proposals to pay for the building. The board sent both the KU medical building and a proposed expansion of the veterinary medicine program at Kansas State back to a regents committee for more study.

Board members said they were confident that later this year they would forward the medical building project to Brownback’s office for budget consideration.

KU officials said the new building is crucial to their efforts to train more doctors for the state.

As far as other KU requests, the board approved asking for $3 million in new funding to hire highly-sought-after research professors, and $1.9 million more for a medical scholarship program.

The board also recommended a 2.6 percent increase in student financial assistance systemwide.


William Weissbeck 6 years, 6 months ago

The GOP claims that the government doesn't create jobs. But it does create/foster an environment for jobs - like funding an expanded medical center, vet school and community colleges to keep, attract and train the workers for the future. And government does create jobs - construction jobs, by modernizing and expanding its facilities. But we are short sighted. Perhaps we should just ask the Kochs if they can spare some change. In the last 3 years (under that devil Obama) their net worth increased by $15 billion, more than anyone else in the Fortune 400 richest - more than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

William Weissbeck 6 years, 6 months ago

You missed the point. The state is broke, but the Kochs aren't AND the Kochs have done quite well in spite of the Obama's allegedly anti-business policies. Just what the hell are they going to do with their money besides funding politicians that want to create the Utopian oligarchy? Except for Soros because he's not a citizen, the argument could be made that the other 4 on the list and the Kochs could easily chip in to assist the states on a purely altruistic, not for profit basis. I realize there is the risk that this might make the citizens weak and lazy, but I'll bet it doesn't.

Paul R Getto 6 years, 6 months ago

RC1977: You must be kidding! Politicians hang around with rich people? I doubt any of the R's do this, thank goodness. They are just simple conservative working men and women.

Paul R Getto 6 years, 6 months ago

RC77: I don't disagree with that point. Sadly, we are all hypocrites and so are both parties. The R's have their own version of this game.........protect the rich and pretend they serve the 'common working man.' The real problem: we the Sheeple, who will not vote for anyone who speaks the sad truths.....we are spoiled, all of us and want more than we will pay for and that's pretty common across the political spectrum.

William Weissbeck 6 years, 6 months ago

I don't believe Obama is "demonizing" the rich. Asking everyone to be part of the social contract is not demonizing. Some participate with their labor, some with their wealth. Check out Elizabeth Warren on YouTube. (I know you'll think she's a communist.) Even so, she speaks the truth - no one succeeds on his own.

MyName 6 years, 6 months ago

And somehow this thread gets turned into next year's Presidential election, which is odd since Kansas' electoral votes are automatically going into "the other guy" whoever that ends up being. Meanwhile, the current governor has the regents too scared to even ask for a meaningful increase. Which is going to suck for the people stuck with higher tuition rates for the privilege of attending a school building that was outdated 15 years ago.

WilburNether 6 years, 6 months ago

"Studies have indicated that workforce-related training is underfunded and needs a $60 million increase."

What sloppy "reporting!"

"Studies?" Which studies? By whom, or which organization? Are these "studies" objective, or slanted in an attempt to make a case for more taxpayer dollars? Hmmm?


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