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40 years ago: County attorney continues welfare crackdown

September 22, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 22, 1971:

A list of approximately 17 recipients of Aid to Dependent Children were in danger of losing their support. These parents had not signed complaints against their husbands for failure to pay child support. Letters had been sent about three weeks earlier to ADC recipients whose estranged husbands were not paying child support, requesting that the mothers initiate legal action. The 17 who had not replied were likely to lose their ADC support if they did not take action when notified again. The prime objective of the plan had been not only to prosecute fathers who were unwilling to contribute to the support of their children, but also to "eliminate a mother and father conspiring to get ADC payments." County Attorney Mike Elwell claimed that, in some cases, the father would simply "leave the home and go only as far as across the street" so that the mother could apply for welfare payments.


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