Letters to the Editor

Service savings?

September 17, 2011


To the editor:

After reading commissioners’ comments concerning changes to the citywide trash collection practices envisioned, I wondered, “Why is it that each ‘progressive’ idea/program put forth by the city ends up costing its residents more money?”  The new proposals for trash pickup and recycling are expected to increase monthly bills by $5 to $8 or more. Where are the savings from automation, reduced staff needs and reduced landfill costs? Where is the inclusion of existing services?  Where is the city providing a competitive product?

It seems as though the city is trying to create a monopoly, where it can charge what it wants. I guess it needs the extra funds so that it can transfer them to other departments that have overspent their budgets.  Mind you, those funds never get returned. I recycle with two groups and don’t need the city telling me what to do about it.

Having gone through my utility bills lately, I find that some of them carry charges as high as 35 percent in fees (taxes).  I need another fee (tax) to help balance my budget.

With home values (a main source of income for the city) not expected to show any increase for the next two to three years because of the glut of foreclosed properties on the market, the city should be looking to economize, as its residents have, and not be so eager to dip into their pockets again and again.

P.S.  Every charity should line up for its $100K from the city and county. Their needs are more pressing than the “community theater.”


cher1 6 years, 2 months ago

What was their reason for refusing to print your letter? Seems very informative to me.

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