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100 years ago: Cooling breezes bring relief to Lawrence

September 17, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 17, 1911:

  • "Is the Great White Way of Lawrence going to fade away entirely? That is the question that some persons are asking for it is a noticeable fact that the lights that make Massachusetts street a pretty place by night as well as by day are going out. When the White Way first blazed up and down the business street there were 133 lights. Forty have been discontinued, leaving only 93. If the lights are to continue going out as quickly as these forty have, then it will not be long until the former darkness of Massachusetts will prevail and the town again sink into a lethargic appearance at night.... Many cities that have the lighted streets, pay for the cost of the illumination. Here the White Way has been run at the cost of the merchants in front of whose places of business there were lights."
  • "If ever there came relief it was last night when the first really cool breezes for some time floated over Lawrence. Tired people worn out from the excessive heat of the past week, went to bed and slept through the night.... From the east reports come that the people there are actually cold. Think of that. Kansas is said to have been the hottest place in the United States for the past two days and people in Lawrence are willing to believe that statement."


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