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Lawrence woman enters no-contest plea in child endangerment case

September 8, 2011


A 25-year-old Lawrence woman Thursday morning pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor child endangerment charges.

Amy McGowan, a chief assistant Douglas County district attorney, said in court that prosecutors agreed to reduce two original felony aggravated child endangerment charges against Natasha A. Short. Prosecutors will ask District Judge Michael Malone to sentence Short to one year on probation as long as she follows recommendations from family services officials and the judge.

Last December, Short’s husband at the time— Bradley Ford, 30 — pleaded guilty to two counts of felony child abuse, and, in February, Malone sentenced him to serve two years and eight months in prison. Prosecutors had accused Ford of throwing the couple’s 6-week-old daughter onto a bed last September as she was crying. The baby bounced onto the floor, suffering broken bones. Ford was also convicted of choking his 6-year-old stepdaughter last September at the family’s residence in the 200 block of Pinecone Drive.

Prosecutors accused Short of placing the girls in danger by leaving them with Ford.

Prosecutors are asking Malone to order Short to serve one year in jail if she violates her probation terms. Malone will sentence Short Oct. 20.


somebodynew 6 years, 6 months ago

I know this will 'stir some feathers', but why is it the female seems to always get the better part of any deal?? I know it is harder to prove, but in this case she ought to serve time also, because (I think) she knew what was going on and chose to leave the children in danger.

I know the whole thing is just sad, but somehow I don't see this making it better unless she goes away for awhile also. I don't know this woman from anyone, but something tells me probation isn't going to change her mind about proper child care and who she allows around them.

insearchofauniqueid 6 years, 4 months ago

I sat next to Natasha Short the day after this article appeared in the paper at a bar (setem up jacks on the east side) where she was openly drinking alcohol. A patron put the article at her seat when she was out smoking and when she came back in she was mad and told the bar tender what had happened. I heard her tell the bartender that she couldn't leagally drink alcohol but she was still served and didn't even leave after she knew patrons were on to her probation violation. A slap in the face of the jucicial system.

butterflylvr 6 years, 6 months ago

Why does trash like this have children. Them poor poor babies. They didn't ask to be brought into this world! What a bunch of skanky trash! I hope the kids survive and them "parents" high and dry!

Tongie_soccer 6 years, 6 months ago

The awesome thing is that those wonderful couples could adopt a child from foster care for free - and even receive subsidy payments to help support the child. They just have to get past the "I want a perfect baby" mind set - there is no promise of perfect babies when you are the biologocal parent either....not excusing the "bad" parents, just saying there are plenty of kiddos right here in the greater KC area looking for loving parents. :-)

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