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100 years ago: Lightning strikes chimney during thunderstorm

September 7, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 7, 1911:

  • "The extreme heat of yesterday was followed by one of the severest electrical storms of the season last night. The storm lasted for little over half an hour during which time there was a great electrical display in the clouds. Lightning flashed all around and thunder bolts rent the air. But it was only thunder and lightning. As far as rain was concerned there was practically none. A little fell in the early part of the evening during the storm and there was another effort at rain early this morning but it was only a small amount. The rain could not make good.... The only damage that the storm is known to have done was at the home of S. P. Moore, 731 Indiana street. Here a chimney was struck by a bolt of lightning and badly wrecked and the bricks scattered over the ground below. The family were at home at the time, but were uninjured, although they were badly frightened."
  • "On next Monday the regular school work at Haskell Institute will be commenced for the coming year. Already the students are coming in from the reservations and from their homes and places where they were employed during the summer to take up the year's work. The first large installment arrived in Lawrence this morning and was composed of about 125 young Indians from a county in Oklahoma.... A department of physical education has been added to the Indian school and a physical director hired for the year.... There is as yet no coach hired for the coming football season and the new director will probably be expected to take over this work and be the gridiron coach for the team this fall."


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