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Mass Street Chic: Have fun with some funky ideas for fingernail art

September 5, 2011


Lace nails. This technique leaves nails with a new texture. Use antique lace instead of a sketchy, synthetic lace.

Lace nails. This technique leaves nails with a new texture. Use antique lace instead of a sketchy, synthetic lace.

As my day-to-day tasks and schedules change, so do my beauty routines. The more hectic my life, the less time I have to do small, simple things: put on eyeliner, wear different jewelry, paint my nails. If you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands this week, devote it to yourself. And, if you’re up for something new, try out some of these fun, funky nail art ideas.

Color Swirl Nails:

This nail technique leaves your nails with a swirly, almost tie-dye pattern. If you want a more sophisticated look for your nails, select fewer nail polish colors. For one simple look, paint your nails a solid, monochromatic color, and then marble each nail with only one additional color.

Prepare your polish:

  1. Fill a wide-mouth plastic cup or small, shallow bowl with water. The water level in your dish should only be about half full.

  2. After you have selected your colors, hold the nail polish brush over the water, allowing a drop of polish to fall. Do this step with one polish at a time, dropping the colors on top of one another as you progress. You can spread the drops out if you like, but the color won’t be as concentrated in a single area.

  3. After you have added droplets from each of your polish selections, manipulate the pattern with a toothpick. Pull the toothpick up or down through the water to create unique designs.

  4. Set water bowl/polish aside.

Prep your nails:

  1. Apply a ceramic base coat to your nails. Allow time to dry.

  2. Rub Vaseline around your cuticles and skin near your nails. This will keep the polish from sticking to your fingers. Instead of Vaseline, you can also line your cuticles with clear Scotch tape.

Apply your polish:

  1. Dip fingertips in the water and polish mixture. Allow time for the polish to adhere. Dip nails one at a time, or dip multiple nails at once — just add more polish to your water if color runs low.

  2. Remove fingers from water. Allow nails to dry.

  3. Apply a clear top coat for longer-lasting polish.

Lace Nails:

This nail art technique utilizes real lace fabric, leaving your nails with a different texture. Pick a bright color, or choose simple black or white lace for a more traditional, elegant end-result.

Prepare the lace:

Cut 10 nail-sized squares from the lace of your choice. Cut the squares slightly bigger than your fingernails. Also, for the best result, use antique lace instead of a stretchy, synthetic lace.

Apply the lace:

  1. Apply a clear, ceramic base-coat to your first nail. This type of base-coat is best; it provides a stickier base for the lace.

  2. Adhere one lace square to wet base-coat. Pat the lace over your entire nail to set the lace.

  3. Trim excess lace from the edges of your cuticle and fingernail with nail scissors.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on remaining fingernails.Optional step: Apply a clear top coat over lace fingernails. This smoothes the surface, preventing lace from snagging.

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