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100 years ago: Excessive heat ushers in new month

September 2, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Sept. 2, 1911:

  • "September shows an inclination to break into the record column, in fact the month began on the very first day to do something for the year of records. Yesterday the maximum temperature reached was 96 1/2 degrees being the highest record for a September day since the year 1899."
  • "Monday is to be a holiday in Lawrence especially in the afternoon as it is generally understood that all business will be suspended and the Merchants and townspeople will take part in the celebration of Labor Day that has been planned. The banks have announced that they will be closed all day but the other business houses will probably be open in the morning closing their doors at noon."
  • "The Christian Scientists have just completed their church building at the corner of Massachusetts and Lee streets, and will hold their first services there next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. In the several changes from place to place in the last few years, this is decidedly the greatest they have made, and as in the past so in the future they extend a hearty welcome to the public."
  • [Advertisement] Young Man -- Young Woman -- LEARN MORE AND EARN MORE. If you are working at small wages you can double your earning capacity by graduating from the Lawrence Business College. We are constantly placing graduates in good positions in all parts of the country. The business world is calling to its aid all young persons who are competent. If you are qualified, you can make life a success financially and otherwise. Our school occupies two entire floors in the Lawrence National Bank Building, and is better equipped than ever for doing good work. We have sixty typewriters. and new furniture has been installed in all departments. WE teach Gregg Shorthand, touch typewriting, use of Burroughs Adding Machine, 20th century bookkeeping and business practice. You are invited to call and visit our rooms, whether you are interested in a course or not."


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