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Slice of Life: Studies, asthma lead to realization ‘drugs weren’t the answer for me’

October 31, 2011


Lynda Gammal is a natural health professional who lives near Pomona with her dog, Cheyenne.

Lynda Gammal is a natural health professional who lives near Pomona with her dog, Cheyenne.

Lynda Gammal, owner of “Restore Your Health Naturally” at 2859 Four Wheel Drive, is so passionate about promoting preventive health that she abandoned a research career in pharmacology and toxicology to retrain as a holistic health practitioner.

“People are developing chronic diseases at an alarming rate, and it’s important for us to develop a prevention mindset,” she says.

“When symptoms appear, they’re signs our body isn’t maintaining homeostasis or balance, and we’re headed for disease if we do nothing. If we have a prevention mindset, health care becomes part of our daily lifestyle and not just something we tend to when we’re sick.”

Born in Worcester, Mass., where her father was a chemical engineer, Gammal loved science, sports and outdoor activities. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in natural science from Assumption College, Worcester, in 1978. While working at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, one of her research teachers suggested she should become a toxicologist.

“I knew I wanted to continue in the science field, so I applied to Kansas University’s pharmacology and toxicology graduate program,” she explains.

She graduated with a Master’s in 1982 and a Ph.D. in pharmacology and toxicology in 1983, and published papers in scientific journals.

She received a post-doctoral fellowship to work with the nationally renowned toxicologist Dr. Curtis Klaassen at KU Med Center and published a paper on how cadmium produces its nephrotoxicity. Around this time her many allergies accelerated, and she eventually suffered severe asthma attacks.

“The knowledge I obtained while at KU made me realize drugs weren’t the answer for me and I couldn’t continue doing pharmacology and toxicology research,” she explains.

“I began researching and studying natural healing. My allergies cleared completely, and I haven’t had an asthma attack in 14 years.”

She loves Kansas and decided to stay here. She bought 80 acres in Pomona and trained as an advanced colon hydrotherapist.

“Cleansing the colon results in extreme health benefits and improvements in many of the people I see,” she says.

“However, cleansing alone doesn’t always address the problem’s roots, so I did further research at the Loomis Institute in St. Louis. I’m now a certified Loomis Digestive Health specialist and continue to do advanced classes and ongoing education in the natural health field.”

Gammal stresses she’s not a medical practitioner and doesn’t offer medical advice. She advises people to consult their own health care provider before they begin treatment. She works with people who want to take charge of their own health, by helping them discover the source of their chronic symptoms and working with them to help their body heal naturally.

She remains passionate about what she’s doing and offers free seminars about how disease begins and how to restore the body’s normal function naturally.

“Seeing a person’s health and quality of life improve is very rewarding and satisfying to me,” she says.

“It’s a joy for me to be able to help people take responsibility for improving their own health. I’ll never stop learning new things to help improve my own health and help others live a healthier lifestyle.”


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