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100 years ago: Train-traveler from KC runs into trouble in Lawrence

October 31, 2011


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Oct. 31, 1911:

  • "[A recent] case on the docket was against one Joe Mead, charging him with being drunk and resisting arrest. It seems that Joe purchased a ticket in Kansas City for Lawrence, but when he arrived here he did not want to get off. Officer Vaughn was summoned and the man removed together with a heavy suitcase that he was bringing up from the city. All went well until the suitcase became heavy [and] he asked the officer to lend a hand. He had no sooner ridded himself of the burden than he began to warm up the city streets. The officer started after him and chased his man into the very arms of Officers Smith and Silverthorn. The man and the suitcase were then escorted to the police station where he was placed in the city jail to spend the night and the contents of the suitcase examined. Imagine the feelings of the officers when they saw before them 16 pints and 11 half pints of whiskey. This morning Mead pleaded guilty to being drunk and paid his fine. The contents of the suitcase were confiscated by the officers and Joe and his suitcase told to leave Lawrence as they were not wanted here."
  • "Tomorrow morning will mark a notable event in many ways for the University of Kansas when the first school work will take place in the new administration building. Of course the whole building has not been completed, but the first wing is ready for occupancy. The department of Fine Arts has established its headquarters in the new building and has much space to itself. Other classes that have been held in Fraser and other buildings on the hill will convene in the new building. In this way it is hoped to relive the congestion that has been existing in Fraser Hall."


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