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Fix-It Chick: Filtered faucet provides fresh, tall drink of water

October 24, 2011


It is easy to install a dedicated filtered water faucet if you have an unused faucet hole or a stainless-steel sink.

Step 1: Purchase a filter faucet to match the existing faucet finish and an under-the-cabinet water filtration system.

Step 2: Remove the hole plug from the sink or use a metal drill bit to drill an appropriately sized hole for the filtered faucet.

Step 3: Slip the escutcheon and rubber gasket onto the stem of the faucet. Insert the faucet into the hole and make sure it sits flush on the sink.

Step 4: Reach under the sink and secure the faucet into place per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5: Determine the best location for the water filter system by examining the distance between the cold water shut-off valve and the new faucet. Choose a spot that allows easy access for filter replacement.

Step 6: Follow the water filter manufacturer’s instructions and install the filter mounting bracket or mounting screws.

Step 7: Shut off the cold water supply to the existing faucet. Turn on the cold water side of the existing faucet and allow the line to drain. Place a towel or cloth beneath the valve to catch any residual water, and detach the cold water supply line from the shut-off valve.

Step 8: Install a retrofit compression tee onto the cold water shut-off valve. Unlike standard compression tees, a retrofit tee has one female and two male ends on it. Once the tee is securely tightened into place, reattach the cold water supply line to the existing faucet.

Step 9: Follow the water filter manufacturer’s instructions and run a new line from the open end of the compression tee to the inlet side of the water filtration system. Hand tighten the compression nuts, and then use a crescent wrench to turn the nuts one more time to assure they are properly tightened. Do not overtighten the nuts.

Step 10: Follow the water filter instructions and attach a water line from the outlet side of the filter system to the newly installed filter faucet.

Step 11: Insert the filter(s) into the filtration system. Mount the system under the sink and turn the cold water supply back on.

Step 12: Check for leaks.

Allow water to run through the filter system for five minutes before pouring yourself a glass of freshly filtered water.


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