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Man receives fourth DUI conviction

October 22, 2011


A 26-year-old Overland Park man received his fourth DUI conviction Thursday. Jordan E. Boyd was prosecuted in Leavenworth County, where last year he was arrested for driving his car onto the lawn of a local residence. A toxicology test revealed he had marijuana in his system, and that alcohol had not been involved. Sentencing will be next month.


Maddy Griffin 5 years ago

4th? SMDH Does he have to kill someone before they take him off the streets?

pace 5 years ago

why of course, your argument is so compelling. If you believe that to be true, the world will have to just turn from protesting unfair economic laws. You bring your best argument to the table, what a feast. You mother and father really taught you, NOT.

pace 5 years ago

Another example of your skilled argument. If you sat at a bar and drooled it would be a step up.

pace 5 years ago

So you come back with even less than you first offered, why don't you just type "burp and drool" which would best outline your argument.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years ago

When I saw the headline I thought to myself, he got another one? I'm not surprised.

But this article is about someone else.

pace 5 years ago

Alcoholism is a disease, hard to understand. Driving and drinking is not a disease. When we cut funding to courts and the police, the victims of this guy's "accident" is part of the fall out. We can't expect courts to work if we don't support the tools. Pass the jobs bill, cut the governor's salary. Cut the Bush tax cuts. Fight crime.

MarcoPogo 5 years ago

When did alcoholism become hard to understand?

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