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Club news for October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011


University Bridge Club announces results of its Oct. 15 meeting with hosts Karmie and Edna Galle.

Blue winners: Gini Wigington, first; Al Smith, second; Rob Smith, third; Bebe Huxtable, fourth; and Steven Bogler, fifth.

Pink winners: Alice Akin, first; Betty Vincent, second; Mary Gaumer, third; Hazel Stellmacher, fourth; and Janet Dunn, fifth.

Over the Rainbow Doll Club met Oct. 13 at the home of Jan Dyer. Members discussed the plans for their sponsoring of the upcoming Girl Scout event and plans for their Christmas party. Members brought their club doll costumed for Halloween. They voted for three categories: Best of Show, Sweetest and Most Unusual. Winners were Mikhaila Brown, Val Fittell and Brenda Owens. Each of the club dolls was given a set of pajamas for the November meeting. Members will be working on their doll boxes in November; club dolls will be having a pajama party.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Oct. 12 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Dave Chipman and Brad Wertz, first in A; Grant Sutton and Catherine Blumenfeld, second in A and first in B; Vince Nordberg and Steven Vossler, third in A; Judy Hildreth and Jan O'Connor, fourth in A; Margrete Hartman and Albert Ballard, fifth in A, second in B and first in C; and Charles Hedges and Virginia Eddy, third in B.

East-West winners were Ed Howard and John Fittell, first in A; Barbara Haverty and Florine Creek, second in A, and first in B and C; Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, third in A; Paul Heitzman and David Piro, fourth in A; Klee Zaricky and John Oxley, fifth in A; Dick Shaffer and Jack Flickinger, second in B; and Lois Clark and Shirley Reese, third in B.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Oct. 13 was directed by Eldon Herd. First place was a tie between Jim Randall and Adelaide Nyquist with Eldon Herd and Doris Sindt; Gary Joyce and Wayne Tindall, third; and Rich Bryan and Mary Locniskar, fourth.

The Friday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Oct. 14 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Judy Hildreth and Diane Childs, first in A; Larry Weatherholt and Steven Vossler, second in A; Vince Nordberg and Jerry Sloan, third in A; Charles Hedges and Virginia Seaver, fourth in A; Chris Lane and Carol Ball, first in B; and Patricia Lechtenberg and Angie Davidson, second in A and first in B.

East-West winners were Paul Heitzman and David Piro, first in A; Catherine Blumenfeld and Lynn Hui, second in A, and first in B and C; Lois Clark and Mark Osborn tied in third in A and second in B with Klee Zaricky and Sally Taylor; Eldon Herd and Jean Otney, fifth in A; and Jack Flickinger and Dick Shaffer, second in C.

The Sunday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club's game on Oct. 16 was directed by Chris Lane. First place was a tie between Michael Kelley and Carol Ball with Virginia Seaver and Grant Sutton; and Chris Lane and Jean Khatib tied in third with John Reese and Shirley Reese.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game of Oct. 17 was directed by Virginia Seaver. Winners were James Masilamani and Brian Barrett, first; Virginia Seaver and Craig Huneke, second; and Eldon Herd and Emily Foster tied in third with Jerry Sloan and Lois Clark.

The Kaw Valley Corral of Westerners International met Oct. 11. Stitt Robinson introduced the speaker, Ellen Gold, Kansas University communications studies professor emeritus.

The question of the evening was, Who said, “Sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the Eastern Seaboard and let it float out to sea”? Dick Moore supplied the answer by naming Barry Goldwater.

Gold’s presentation was the “Use of Western Themes in Presidential Politics.” Harry Truman made the famous whistle stop campaign throughout much of the West in 1948 blasting the “Do-nothing congress.” Ronald Reagan named everyone as Westerners as he campaigned for election and re-election.

The next meeting will be Nov. 8. For more information, contact Eldon Herd (sheriff) at 865-4049 or


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