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County Commission agrees to make changes in permit for firing range

October 20, 2011


The Douglas County Commission reached a tentative agreement on a permit for a firing range located north of Lone Star Lake.

The firing range, 768 E. 661 Diagonal Road, has been used by the Fraternal Order of Police since the 1960s, and is occasionally used to train officers from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Lawrence Police Department.

It has faced noise complaints from neighbors in recent years. There was also controversy about whether the range was properly zoned, and in 2010 a Douglas County judge said the FOP needed to seek a conditional-use permit for the range.

Revisions will be made to a draft of a conditional-use permit for the firing range, which would include concessions decided after hearing from a representative of the FOP and the range’s neighbors. Those concessions include erecting a sound-proof barrier over the area’s pistol range within one year and notifying neighbors before nighttime training was conducted.

The commission will review the revised draft of the conditional-use permit and are likely to vote whether to grant it next Wednesday as part of its consent agenda.

The commission also extended by one week the burn ban, which was approved Oct. 5.

Other business conducted during the meeting included:

• Approval of a Class B Club license for The Bird of Lawrence

• Approval of cereal malt beverage license for Flamingo Enterprises, 1626 E. 1550 Road

• Approval of cereal and malt beverage licenses for Clinton Marina and Clinton Submarina, 1329 E. 800 Road.


Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 6 years, 7 months ago

This is similar to what happened to Shawnee Sheriff's range, located in an old county landfill many years ago before their were neighbors around. It was closed due to their failure to get a permit. Shawnee County, however, made lemonade out of their lemon. They now have a new state of the art range and training center. They have all the permits, and as of now not too many neighbors.. It is a pleasure to shoot there.

FlintlockRifle 6 years, 7 months ago

Hey wifey, what is that sound I here, sounds like gun fire, asked the hubby, beats me But I sure do love our new home, lot better that the last one we had just south of KCI====DUH

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