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Heard on the Hill: KU among top spenders, earners on basketball; researcher finds men more likely to be unfaithful during recessions; small wooden Jayhawk finds new home

October 17, 2011


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• People here at Kansas are pretty excited about basketball, generally, and that’s reflected in how much money we spend on basketball.

According to information reported in the Memphis Business Journal, KU spent more on basketball — $10.98 million — than all but two other schools. Only Duke ($12.29 million) and Kentucky ($11.57 million) spent more than KU.

At KU, that money returned a revenue of $16.1 million, good for 11th in the country, or one ahead of the University of Texas, and one behind Michigan State University.

The top basketball revenue school was also the top spender, Duke, which brought in $26.67 million in revenue.

The team that brought in the smallest basketball revenue? Lowly Southern University, in the Southwestern Athletic Conference, which just brought in $210,943. That’s just about enough to pay Bill Self on his $3 million contract for about 25 days or so.

• In these rather depressing economic times, there's at least one thing we have more of — and that’s men having affairs, according to KU researcher Omri Gillath.

Gillath said in an article that men biologically want to mate with more women when they feel threatened, as a “biological drive to ensure our survival.”

When the environment is more secure, men are more likely to “invest in their existing kids and stay with their current partner,” Gillath said.

Gillath, a psychology professor at KU, does all kinds of interesting research into human relationships, and gets cited in the media quite a bit, especially around Valentine’s Day.

The University Daily Kansan has an interesting article about a tiny, four-inch tall carved 94-year-old Jayhawk that traveled from Germany back to KU.

The “Russian Jayhawk” is now on display in Wescoe Hall, and I’d encourage you to go read its history. Apparently, it was a gift from an unknown Russian prisoner of war to Conrad Hoffman, a KU alumnus working for the YMCA in Germany.

About 40 people — including the chancellor and KU’s dean of liberal arts and sciences — came to a celebration of the tiny statue.

The Jayhawk will be on display in Wescoe Hall in the Slavic languages and literatures department offices.

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Getaroom 6 years, 6 months ago

Breeding during times of economic stressors. Well, men do not breed all by themselves so there must be plenty of women out there to take on more irresponsibility as well. Thanks to Religious dogma and other mythologies people just keep on cranking out more mouths to feed and resources to use up. Just goes to show how resistant ignorance is to evolution. The human race does indeed keep making the same mistakes over and over without learning and religions like, (but not exclusive to) Catholicism help to push humanity along toward ruination, not survival. Thanks to abortion and the one child rule China's population has not yet spread to cover the world.

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