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City showdown ends in scoreless, double-OT tie

Lawrence High and Free State players crowd the goal as LHS’ Justin Riley, center, uses his knee to knock the ball in the goal during Free State’s soccer match against Lawrence High Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 at FSHS. Although Riley got the ball into the goal, the goal was waved off and a yellow card was issued. The game ended in a 0-0 tie following two overtime periods.

Lawrence High and Free State players crowd the goal as LHS’ Justin Riley, center, uses his knee to knock the ball in the goal during Free State’s soccer match against Lawrence High Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 at FSHS. Although Riley got the ball into the goal, the goal was waved off and a yellow card was issued. The game ended in a 0-0 tie following two overtime periods.

October 14, 2011


After 99 minutes of back-and-forth play, it figures the last shot would come down to Lawrence High’s stand-out goalie against Free State High’s scoring menace.

FSHS senior Jake Walter broke free and had a one-on-one opportunity against LHS senior goalie Tanner Click with 16 seconds to go in the second overtime. Click leapt forward, timing the jump perfectly, grabbed possession of the ball and did his best to get the ball to his team with time left to score.

The clock ticked down, and the cross-town rivals had to settle for a 0-0 tie Thursday night at Free State.

“He’s a good goalie,” FSHS senior Andrew Craig said of Click. “But Jake’s probably one of the best strikers here on the field. It would have been nice to have it.”

Both teams had grounds to say that they could have or should have won. The Lions and Firebirds each had calls go against them and missed opportunities they would like to have back.

Most notably, with 3:00 left in the first overtime, the whole LHS fan section thought the Lions had won. A would-be goal resulted from a struggle in front of the Firebirds’ goal, but a penalty was called, and the goal was nullified.

It seemed that both teams played similar defensive styles, but that didn’t translate into actually knowing how to break down the other team effectively, LHS senior Nick Haig said.

“We couldn’t figure out each other’s tactics, how we had to play defensively and how their offense worked,” Haig said.

The whole game was a defensive struggle, which is how both teams usually play. But neither team budged much, except for the negated goal.

Overall, LHS coach Mike Murphy said it was a hard-fought and sportsmanlike game and that the end result could have been worse.

“I feel like we came out of the game with a positive attitude,” Murphy said.

Both coaches had compliments for the other team, with Murphy commenting on Free State’s offensive attack of seniors Walter, Zach Gay, Zack Thompson and Hunter Peirce.

FSHS coach Kelly Barah showed his respect for Click, who held the Firebirds scoreless. Barah also said Murphy has done a solid job with the Lions and their program is on the upswing.

“I think Lawrence soccer is just getting better and better,” Barah said. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

This game is the second consecutive 100-minute, double overtime tie for FSHS after Tuesday’s 0-0 game against Olathe East. The Firebirds felt good about that tie, but this one was a little harder to take.

“As a coach, you would say that you take this one instead of losing,” Barah said. “Not satisfied by any means, but I think the atmosphere was great, and it was a well played game from both sides.”

LHS (5-7-2) will host Shawnee Mission West at 7 on Tuesday night. FSHS (7-5-2) will visit Mill Valley at 6 p.m. Monday.


Shelley Bock 6 years ago

Well, a 0-0 tie, no one wins bragging rights. I'm curious as to how many fans were in attendance. Were the new seats full? Any estimate on numbers? Was the crowd into the game or were they running around, chatting like they do at a football game?

Was the disallowed goal a good call?

Oh, it wasn't a penalty, it had to be a foul or an offside call that would have disallowed the goal.

Good to see stability in the coaching ranks. I wonder who has been hired to coach LHS girls this spring.

SoccerGenius 6 years ago

Hep, the atmosphere was the best I have ever seen for a high school soccer match in Larry. The new stands were jammed and students were 3-4 deep along the fence on the FS side. Many even looked through the taller 6 foot fence links down toward the goal lines. The fans were into the game. It had to be a thrill for the boys to play in front of such a crowd. The goal that was disallowed looked like a rugby scrum with LHS pushing several players deep into the goal. The center official was in good position to make the call. Most centers would have been too happy to take their paycheck and go home, as well as not had the courage to make this call. I give the him high marks, he kept control of the game and is the best in Lawrence in my opinion.

Shelley Bock 6 years ago

Finally, after all these years, soccer has a decent place to play and the fans to enjoy it. Good that the center had the ability to call off the goal if based on pushing or a handball. I just wish that the LJW would have gone into more detail on that play since it sounded quite crucial.

Resident10 6 years ago

This is the first game I have been to. It was amazing. I didn't know any of the players, but my kids are into soccer so I went. Definitly the most exciting HS sports event I have been to in years. Well done!

dudefixx 6 years ago

First of all...great game and kudos to both teams.

However, the "goal" was a goal. I was present and can tell you that even the Free state players thought it was a goal. Even if you look at the picture, the LHS player put the ball in the goal with the knee. The player that was yellow carded was behind the players with the ball, and the ball crossed the goal before the foul. Further, he was reacting to the elbow by number three on the free state team. Therefore...goal....the ball crossed the line first. The yellow card does not negate the goal...read the FIFA rules, Mr. referee.

However, it doesn't surprise me since the center referee has a history calling fouls against LHS and is a Free State teacher.

Someone also needs to teach Coach Murphy how to substitute players. He consistently takes out his best players to allow bench players to play. News for you coach, there is only three subs allowed in real soccer...there is a reason for that. You let your starters play until they are hurt or need out. You are sacrificing the season in order to ensure that bench players have time on the field...and that is not fair to your players and the team. Also, you don't sub six to eight players in at a time. It's not football....

dizthewiz 6 years ago

Funny you should mention the referee thing. Most of the time if a referee is over 30 and from Lawrence, they went to LHS.......how many officials have officiated volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, softball that actually went to FREE STATE????? Not many, and a lot of them have kids who also went to LHS. Are you saying the official doesn't have integrity or that they should be screened better and not have an affiliation????? Because more times than not, their affiliation is LHS!!!

Maxandwillie 6 years ago

High school does not play by FIFA rules. Stronger teams in HS sub frequently and it gives them an advantage over teams with less depth. St Thomas Aquinas actually subs 8 players at a time and they generally are the best team in the state year end and year out.

I wasnt there but cant figure out who the center was. The guys who work centers from Lawrence are LaPoint and Corey __? Neither teaches at Free State. Perhaps somebody new. I know corey teaches math at LHS.

Anyone know his name?

Maxandwillie 6 years ago

I checked around and the center ref was Corey Kramer. He teaches at LHS.

bulofat 6 years ago

SoccerGenius is always coming up with the right things to say about the soccer games. he must be a true soccer genius.

soccerfam89 6 years ago

To Soccergenius(not) soccer refs in Lawrence are amoung the worst around so to say that he is the best in the area is not saying much. Just looking at the picture I would say the goal should have been allowed and the game decided by the players and not some guy wearing the wrong colored jersey.

Shelley Bock 6 years ago

Soccerfam89, there is nothing in the photo which indicates anything about a goal being scored, only that it looks more like rugby than soccer. I wasn't there and the photo shows nothing to me about the foul that was whistled by the center ref.

Your opinion about soccer refs in Lawrence is humorous. Since being sanctioned by KSHSAA, more refs from Lawrence have participated in the State finals than from any other community in the State. They are selected by coaches for their overall ability, game management skill and fairness. You have no basis for saying that they are "amoung (sic) the worst around".

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