Dozens of tickets issued alleging underage drinking; four Lawrence bars cited

Lawrence police and other area law enforcement officers issued dozens of citations last week in the second crackdown this semester on underage drinking and fake IDs.

Jen Jordan, director of prevention for DCCCA and a member of The New Tradition Coalition of Lawrence, which aims to reduce underage drinking, said officers last Thursday issued tickets for 14 offenses and 26 citations during a separate enforcement event Friday night.

On Thursday, eight Lawrence police officers were on patrol for four hours, thanks to the coalition’s Drug-Free Communities Grant and wrote six tickets to minors in possession of alcohol, five for consuming alcohol in public and one each for furnishing alcohol to a minor, transporting an open container and possession of a fake ID.

On Friday, officers with agencies, including Lawrence police, the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Alcoholic Beverage Control, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas University Public Safety Office, issued 12 citations for minors in possession of alcohol, 10 for possession or use of a fake ID, two for consuming in public, and one each for removal of alcohol from a drinking establishment and interference of duties of a law enforcement officer. The Kansas Department of Transportation funded this patrol with a grant, Jordan said.

ABC officers also issued administrative citations at four bars for allowing minors to possess alcohol: The Hawk, 1340 Ohio; Quinton’s Bar and Deli, 615 Mass.; Bullwinkle’s Bar, 1344 Tenn.; and, The Wheel, 507 W. 14th St.

Officers wrote 26 citations related to underage drinking at an earlier patrol in September.