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Lawrence man, 28, sentenced to 233 months in prison for sending sexually explicit texts, photos to 12-year-old girl

October 3, 2011


A Douglas County judge Monday afternoon sentenced a 28-year-old Lawrence man to serve nearly 20 years in prison for sending sexually explicit text messages and photographs to a 12-year-old Baldwin City girl.

District Judge Sally Pokorny followed terms of a plea agreement and ordered Willie Jay Burtrum to serve a 233-month prison sentence and to register as a sex offender. He will get credit for the five months he’s already served in jail, and probation officials said prison officials could give him credit for 15 percent of his sentence for good behavior.

Burtrum pleaded guilty in July to attempted electronic solicitation of a child. Douglas County prosecutors accused him of sending the message to the girl he was acquainted with in March. Amy McGowan, a chief assistant district attorney, said the girl’s father was in court and agreed with the plea negotiations.

“I just want to apologize to everybody who was involved,” Burtrum said. “I tried to make this as easy on everybody involved and get it over as quickly as possible.”

Pokorny said Burtrum agreed to plead guilty without requiring the girl to testify at a preliminary hearing or a trial.

“I’m taking that as a positive first step on your part,” Pokorny said.

Defense attorney Greg Robinson said Burtrum had cooperated with authorities and shown remorse in the case. He also said he hoped Burtrum could get treatment in prison and the victim could get any help she needs.

“If he could go back and change it he would,” Robinson said. “He can’t.”


justforfun 5 years ago

20 yrs for sending pics?? OUCH!!

kawrivercrow 5 years ago

Yep. I don't know if you got the memo, but society is no longer willing to let sex predators ruin our childrens' lives by running an revolving door of injustice. If you know of any sex predator-wannabes, do them a favor and let them know they now need to find a different way of getting their jollies. I suggest they try five-shell roulette with a six-shooter.

kawrivercrow 5 years ago

"society is no longer willing to let sex predators ruin our childrens' lives by running an revolving door of injustice. "

Note the phrase 'no longer' and 'revolving door of injustice'. Now note that the door did not revolve so quickly this time.

Now that you've got the memo, ignorance will not be an excuse for you, either. Tell the others.

ljwhirled 5 years ago

I suggest 1 shell roulette with a 911-A1 or Glock 24.

1 in 13 odds aren't bad. Go ahead, try it.

Liberty275 5 years ago

A bottle of Glenlivet and a hundred Valium would have better odds and be less messy. An added bonus, if there is any scotch left the mourners can drink it at your funeral.

Liberty275 5 years ago

I think it was so harsh was because they man and girl were physically acquainted, and he was trying to take it further. It isn't like two anonymous people 2000 miles apart. What this fellow did was take the first steps to really mess this girl up for life, not just sitting at home sending pics to personae that are probably false.

jackpot 5 years ago

With George you have to read between the lines. Oh and don't hold your breath for a rewrite.

alex_garrison 5 years ago

I've updated the story to include the full name.

cabella 5 years ago

yea that seems a lot of prison time for pics

Steve Jacob 5 years ago

I'd take my chances with a trial. How much longer would he have had?

tiredofcrazies 5 years ago

With that mans record possibly 25 yrs.

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