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TV meteorologist Don Harman dies

November 30, 2011


— Police say Kansas City television meteorologist Don Harman has died. He was 41.

A police report says Harman, who had been a meteorologist at WDAF since 1999, died Tuesday evening at his home in Kansas City. The report listed the cause of death as suicide and said he was found by his wife.

WDAF president and general manager Cheryl McDonald said in a statement Wednesday that Harman was a beloved meteorologist and personality at the station, and that “words cannot express how deeply he will be missed.”

The station’s website said Harman also worked at stations in Iowa and West Virginia before joining WDAF.


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 4 months ago

This is a repeat of a posting I made on Facebook about Mr. Harman's unfortunate death:

My younger brother committed suicide, and a few of my friends did also, so I think that I'm more qualified to talk about the subject than most.

The important thing to remember is the good times when someone was alive, and do your very best to not dwell on a decision that was made, perhaps in haste or in a moment of desperation. It was someone else's decision, it was not yours, and it is not your place to place any blame on yourself or on anyone else.

We are all responsible for our own decisions, and if they were not good ones, that is not something for other people to judge or dwell upon.


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